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Hi every one its me goldey7312 and i no i have not posted in 2 years the reason is that clubpenguin got very dumb and  i was thinking about it and i wanted to start a new theme and the new theme is cant tell you just kidding its SPORTS and i no some of you dont like sports and thats all right i might be making a new sight so  here are some pics of some sports im doing



Log Off The Best Club Penguin Cheats Club Penguin Refresh(Login screen, make sure all CP windows are closed

My 100 Subs Party!

Hey Pink Ster here with some details about my 100 subs party!!!!!!!

heres the vid

Please come!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Until Next Time…………..Waddle Off!!!

-Pink Ster

new sports catolog

ok i have not posted in a while caues ive not have any time because myy freinds are asking me to go playces and to go play football speaking of football here is a sneak peak of the sports catolog 125114216728169

and i think my bro would like this oh ya post on this post what is your favorite sport

new site

In The End – Linkin Park – CPMV new play and new furniture catalog

hey guys its  blackd boy47 with the new stuff. First off clubpenguin is now in the water agian so wear no longer in the sky witch is  Ok with me Club Penguin in the sky wasn’t as cool as i thought it would be in the sky. If i was Club Penguin i would have made it a lot better. Hey you know what is cool though i was looking stuff  up  and i came across a cool peace of writing that said “in the Club Penguin Office they sit in puffle bean bag chairs.” So i  looked on amazon and you can by them but only blue.

Well on to other stuff  heres my new video In The End By Linkin Park.

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Ok now here is the new play in Club Penguin kind of like the party we had 2 years ago. Here are some pics.





If you are new and need help getting to the stage here are directions.

1. Click the map in the lower left corner

2. Go to the plaza

3. go into the middle building

Ok now for the furniture catalog cheats

1. Click the house in the blue  tab at the bottom of your Club Penguin screen

2. Click the tape mesure in the lower right hand corner

3. Open up the blue catalog

4. Turn the page too the first page

5. Now click here for a bowling pin 125091477995869

Now to get a bowling ally do the same thing except for step 4 turn to the second page and for step 5 click here.


festivle of flights cheats

blackd boy47 here with the latest in cp news

ok first to ge3t a green propeller hat go to the plaza


now heres the awsome item a jetpack woooo hoooo

here is how to get it

1. go to forest

2. take a ballon ride

3. wait 30 seconds-2:00 minutes

4. click this box 125023708583485-1

if you have not noticed already the pics r not normal cuase the backrounds is clouds well with my awsome editor imad the backrounds clouds.

now for the pin

1. Click on the map in the lower right.
2. Go to the Mine.
3. Go to the Mine Shack.
4. Click on the Sand Castle pin.


well see you next time

untill then ……. waddle on!